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The White House Boys to Host Official Event to Benefit Boys in Eckerd Youth Challenge Program

The Official White House Boys Organization will visit Eckerd’s Youth Challenge program located in Brooksville to host an event titled, No Debate on Second Chances. 

The Eckerd Youth Challenge Program is a substance abuse residential program for boys ages 13 – 19 involved in the juvenile justice system who are in need of mental health, behavioral health and/or substance abuse treatment.  Youth work in small groups with counselors, teachers and mental health professionals on academics, social skills, coping skills and behavior treatment plans.

Several men and supporters from the White House Boys organization will visit the Eckerd program on Saturday to speak to the youth on how to make positive choices for their future, and will reflect on choices made in the past, as well as their current situations.  Dessert and refreshments will be provided to the boys, as well as prizes, and the official White House Boys organization will be generously donating items to the program that they are currently in need of.

*Please note:  Men from the White House Boys organization will be available for interviews.

WHAT:          Official White House Boys Event Benefitting Eckerd Youth Challenge Program
WHEN:          Saturday, April 9, 2016, 12:30 – 2 pm
WHERE:       Eckerd Youth Challenge:  201 Culbreath Road, Brooksville, FL  34602
WHO:             White House Boys will present a program titled, No Debate on Second Chances to boys in Eckerd Youth Challenge Program.