The Eckerd Wheel™

The Eckerd Wheel™ is a set of interconnected processes that are depicted below. As the wheels turn, they drive desired outcomes, thereby giving each child that Eckerd Kids has the honor to serve the opportunity to succeed. The three wheels of Organizational Performance, Organizational Culture and Organizational Vision are equally important and when properly aligned and perpetuated, allow an organization to achieve its greatest impact. Ultimately, Organizational Vision represents Eckerd Kids’ belief that the prevention, intervention, and system of care practice models promoting resiliency offer the most effective pathways for Organizational Vision. This strength-based approach represents a philosophical commitment that Eckerd Kids strives to maintain throughout all of its programs and services.



The Eckerd Wheel™: Organizational Performance

Eckerd Wheels - PerformanceOrganizational Performance is divided into the five spokes of Quality, Staff, Finance, External Relations and Growth & Transformation with the “Hub” being the children, families and communities we serve as shown in the graphic below. The reason children, families and communities are the Hub is to ensure every decision/action has at its center Eckerd Kids’ three values of youth always come first, services should focus on the family, and local communities must be engaged and empowered. As Mr. and Mrs. Eckerd said, “It’s the kids,” and by extension, this includes their families and communities. With these three values as the hub, each spoke of the Organizational Performance Wheel can then be “mapped” to one of the other remaining values as shown in the table below. Each spoke/value is in turn “championed” by one of five departments within the Eckerd Support Center with each department led by a member of the Executive Leadership Team.



The Eckerd Wheel™: Organizational Culture

CultureThe purpose of the Organizational Culture Wheel is to ensure each staff is focused on attending to their own and each other’s needs as human beings. This wheel ensures Eckerd Kids never loses sight of the fact performance is only possible because of the people who roll up sleeves and get elbow-deep in the work of providing second chances. As shown in the graphic below, in the hub of Organizational Culture is “respect for all,” which can be mapped to Eckerd Kids’ first value, “We base our concepts upon a belief in God and respect for all, that every person is uniquely special and has inherent worth.” Surrounding the hub are the five Organizational Culture spokes of Integrity, Responsibility, Empathy, Caring and Happy. Supporting spokes have also been developed to provide additional depth and clarity as we embed these qualities into the organization.



The Eckerd Wheel™: Organizational Vision

VisionThe dramatic change in the organization’s service array requires that we re-define the factors used to display how we ensure that every child has the opportunity to succeed. To achieve this transformation in measurement, Eckerd Kids has developed the Organizational Vision Wheel as our answer to the question, “How do you ensure that every child has the opportunity to succeed?” The need for a more exact answer to the question of effectiveness is critical in today’s performance-based landscape. An extensive review of the research shows that there are many ways to identify and combine protective factors into a service delivery approach. It is the resiliency in children, that the presence of developmental supports and opportunities produce, that change the trajectory of a child’s life. With these protective factors in place, children can overcome adversity. At the hub, Organizational Vision represents Eckerd Kids’ belief that the prevention, intervention, and system of care practice models promoting resiliency offer the most effective pathways for success. Each spoke of the Organizational Vision Wheel includes supportive spokes that help to guide program and service design, implementation, and evaluation by suggesting desired outcomes for success.