Partnering with Purpose

Eckerd Kids believes in partnering with purpose as a standard organizational practice in all of its operating states. These public-private partnerships allow Eckerd  Kids — the subject matter expert — to reach an identified goal without process constraints. These partnerships, while contract-based, are built on a foundation of mutual trust and innovation. This operational model ensures accountability through shared risk — everyone has a vested interest in implementing a successful solution.

An example of this partnership model is our relationship with the Oklahoma Department of Human Services (OKDHS). In 2013, the Department was struggling with a statewide backlog of over 3,000 child protective investigation cases.

Eckerd Kids’ child welfare experience uniquely qualified us to assist OKDHS in reducing the number of Child Protective Services backlog cases. Eckerd Kids was the only organization selected by the Department to assist in this effort. We understand the urgency of child protective investigations, with interventions that protect the child and assess family strengths and needs. Based on the huge success of reducing backlogged cases, Eckerd Kids has continued working with the State of Oklahoma on a more permanent basis.

Eckerd Kids has now been recruited by the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities to mentor other non-profit organizations needing to transform. In addition, Eckerd Kids was recently selected by Mecklenburg County, North Carolina to assess their child welfare system and make recommendations for system improvement. Eckerd Kids is supporting the White Fields organization in Oklahoma to develop and implement a strategic plan. In Michigan, the state legislature is requiring the privatization of child welfare in Kent County. The consortium of public, private and local entities involved in this initiative came to Eckerd Kids to learn about our approach to child welfare system of care management.

If your government agency is interested in exploring a partnership with purpose, we’d love to start a conversation. Please contact us today!