Don’t Just Make a Living – Make a Difference

Looking for a place where your energy and ability will make a difference in the lives of children? Join Eckerd’s team of dedicated individuals who are helping thousands of troubled teenagers, at-risk youth and families each year.

As a national non-profit organization, we have youth programs and services across the United States in need of talented people. We utilize recreation therapy, adventure therapy, experiential education individual and group therapy and much more in helping children become productive adults.

You can develop your own talents and skills as part of a worthwhile organization that welcomes fresh ideas and encourages a spirit of adventure. Not only are we committed to helping at-risk youth, we’re equally committed to helping one another. As an Eckerd employee, you’ll receive training and ongoing guidance and direction to help advance your career.

Whatever your background or past work experience, you’ll find a place at Eckerd.