Contract Procurement

Contract Procurement

Eckerd Kids has developed a provider network with the capacity to deliver a full array of family-centered, community-based, outcome oriented and culturally competent services and resources for children and families. The network consists of two basic types of providers — those subcontracted with Eckerd Kids to provide specific services and those to whom Eckerd Kids refers children and families for services, although no formal contractual relationship exists.

Eckerd Kids’ Procurement Process

Eckerd Kids believes in fostering innovation and is committed to a fair, open and competitive procurement process to achieve the best possible outcomes for children and families.

Many services are currently in place from community-based providers who are under contract with Eckerd Kids. However, the capacity for services may be increased as specific needs within the system of care are identified. Eckerd Kids remains committed to working closely with community stakeholders to continuously assess current system of care capacity and to review contracts as they relate to quality and performance indicators.


Open Procurements

Award Announcements

ITN-ECA-C13-KIN-FY16, Awarded to Gulf Coast Jewish Family and Community Services, Inc.
ITN-ECA-ILS-FY13, Awarded to Camelot Community Care, Inc.