Benefits to Adopting

Challenges and rewards go hand-in-hand when adopting children in foster care. Adoption provides a unique opportunity to both change a child’s life and enrich the life of the adoptive parent or family. Several other special benefits are provided as well.

  • Affordability – While private forms of adoption can be expensive, adopting a child from foster care costs little or nothing. The required training and home study are provided free of charge; even court costs and legal fees up to $1,000 can be reimbursed.
  • Legally Secure – Because children in foster care are not made available for adoption until a court has legally terminated the parental rights of both biological parents, this form of adoption is very secure.
  • Monthly Financial Support – Families that adopt a child in foster care will likely qualify for a monthly subsidy to help offset ongoing costs. This amount is negotiated on a child-by-child basis, depending on the child’s unique needs and the availability of funds.
  • Health Care – Health care through the Medicaid program is available for the adoptive child until the age of 18.
  • College Tuition – Children adopted from the Florida foster care system are eligible for free tuition at any Florida state college, university or vocational school.
  • Federal Adoption Tax Credit – Families that adopt children from foster care may be eligible for a tax credit on their federal income taxes.
  • Community of Support – Other parents who have adopted children offer a wealth of information and support for new adoptive parents. Pre- and post-adoption support is also available to include counseling, training and support groups.