Not Like Any Other Girl

I hope parents find the following helpful as they consider next steps for their daughter. Shortly before turning 17, my daughter's view of her future began to spiral down. Thank goodness we finally found Eckerd.

Finding Joy in a Busy Holiday Season

I was asked by my coworkers at Eckerd Kids to volunteer during this busy holiday season with Foster Angles, a nonprofit organization that provides holiday presents to over 1,200 children in foster care. It was hectic! However, though all that chaos was a great sense of joy. It came out of knowing that we were helping to bring happiness to children this winter.

Adoption IS a Lifelong Journey

Last December, our world was changed forever when we had a 12 year old, 13 year old and 14 year old move in with us. We were told that there would be a honeymoon period when everyone would be loving and there would be no arguing and the like. But when the honeymoon is over…it is over!

Turkey in the Hole Recipe for Thanksgiving

E-Nini-Hassee's tradition of cooking turkey in a bond-fire, or Turkey in the Hole as we call it, has been creating quite the buzz on social media. Chief Jo Lynn shares with us her recipe behind this tasty Thanksgiving meal.

Kids on Probation

According to statistics, 85% of youth offenders can't read or do even the most basic math. Their problems with school started way before they had their first brush with the law. By the time these pseudo “tough guys” take their first steps into a Pre-K class, they are already behind their peers.

When Hearts are Matched, It’s Forever

Seven years ago our lives were changed in the most wonderful ways as our family walked into a court room and stood before a judge and promised to love and cherish each other as we became a forever family.

Eckerd Kids Board Member is a Champion for Children

Daniel Boon is a successful business man and dedicated Eckerd Kids board member. He is also an adoptive parent. Daniel and his lovely bride Elissa, already had three children of their own when they heard the story of three siblings, ages six, five and two, in need of a safe environment.

The “Tough Guy” Transformation

When I first meet Travious, he was trying to be intimidating by walking with swag, wearing a stern look on his face, and sporting a pair of jeans with a body-builder weight vest and no shirt. Travious proceed to say to me, “Hey! Y’all from Eckerd?”

Lesson Learned

Has anyone ever taken anything from you? My most important lesson learned in life is not to take things from that do not belong to me.


Founded with love in 1968 by Jack and Ruth Eckerd as “the first name in second chances,” our national nonprofit has served nearly 150,000 children and families. Each child and family has an amazing story and we want to share these untold stories of second chances to inspire every family struggling and every partner making a difference.