Eckerd in the News

Friends of the Children and Eckerd Appear on FOX 13 Morning Show

Eckerd has partnered with Friends of the Children, an organization based out of Portland, Oregon with chapters and affiliates in six US cities and the UK. Eckerd’s Friends of the Children Program assigns a full time, salaried, professional mentor to the highest risk children.

NC Eckerd Leadership Interviewed on Talk Show

Eckerd was recently interviewed on the “Live in the Mountains” segment on Mountain Television Network that airs in 21 counties across North Carolina. In a talk show format, Eckerd leadership discussed the different programs in North Carolina along with the history of Eckerd.

Los Angeles Eyes Florida’s Child Fatality Prevention System

After some early success, the nation’s largest single child welfare system – Los Angeles County – may bring in RSF. Adoption of the system was recommended by a commission established to steer reform of the county’s child protection system after a high profile child death.

Daytime Tampa Bay Rays Support The Home Run Club

The Rays, Eckerd and the Heart Gallery are in the fifth year of their partnership to provide the Home Run Club to foster children in Tampa Bay. The Home Run Club, formerly the Big Game James Club, is a specially designed, kid-friendly suite donated by the Rays for use by foster children and their families throughout the baseball season.

Nonprofit offers free post-adoption services

Adoption is a new beginning for parents and children alike, but many children that have been abandoned or removed from previously broken family situations are often conflicted when placed in the foster care system.