Success Stories


Today, I have my own home, my family is happy and I am becoming more stable every day. I have help, but I also have more than that. I have support and someone to encourage me along the way, guiding me and giving me the advice I need to stay independent and self-sufficient.


I think the enthusiasm of the youths and their coaches has been very unique, it allows us to help groom them for our company or even a further career elsewhere.


Tori's life has been turbulence since a young age, but through Eckerd Kids | Project Bridge, she has received a second chance to complete her GED and setting the course toward a career field in culinary arts.


Paxen Community Connections Brevard in Circuit 18 is excited to share the graduation of youth Tyler Croom. Tyler has successfully transitioned back into a traditional high school, which was a major goal for this young man. In addition, Tyler tried out for, and was selected to be a part of his football team.

The Rosette Family

Tina Rosette and her children moved to Florida in March 2016 and fell on hard times after not being able to find stable housing due to financial constraints. Tina and her family stayed in several shelters, hotels and campgrounds. Eckerd Kids Housing Case Manager and Family Coach, Briauna Hagins, was able to offer much needed support to the Rosettes.