Eckerd Kids PaxenPaxen lives to fulfill its mission to provide fundamental life, education, and workforce skills that together form the building blocks for better lives. Paxen specializes in developing and delivering outcome-based programs that build academic, employment and life skills. The organization was founded in 1984, and has grown since then in terms of both locations and scope of services provided, including innovative new programs designed specifically for youth involved with juvenile justice.

Eckerd Kids partnered with Paxen in 2013 as part of its Project Bridge Program. We are now proud to have Paxen as an affiliated organization, as both organizations continue to strive for providing much-needed second chances to children and their families.

Key Programming Features:

  • Workforce development and life skills training
  • Juvenile delinquency interventions
  • GED® Services

Paxen has programs across Southeastern United States. For more information on the programs and services provided by Paxen, please visit their website.

Office Locations