Family Safety, Preservation & Reunification Services

Eckerd Kids helps families who have been referred by state child welfare agencies due to child neglect and/or abuse. These services may include in-home interventions to help families at imminent risk of having a child removed from the home or to help families reintegrate children back into their homes after they have been in foster care or other out-of-home placements. Services are also provided to children in state custody or who may become involved with the child welfare or juvenile justice systems.

For families being reunified, services begin with the family while the child is still living outside of the home and continue after the child returns home, with staff providing case management, interventions and client advocacy to help support the successful reunification. Our goal is to empower parents/guardians so they are able to provide a safe and structured home environment for their children.


  • Permanency Planning
  • Family Functioning Interventions
  • Safety Planning and Checks

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