Eckerd Kids | Friends of the Children: Long Term Mentorship Program

FOTC logoEckerd Kids and Friends of the Children are working in partnership to provide our most vulnerable children in foster care with a full-time and long-term paid professional mentor, or Friend. The Friends of the Children model is a revolutionary mentoring program that is transforming lives.

Children in the program are selected in Kindergarten or first grade and continue working with their Friend through their high school graduation.
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This program has proven success in many different areas, including:

High School Diploma or GED

Goal: Success in school with a minimum of a high school diploma (preferred) or GED

Program Success Rate: 83% of our 168 program graduates have earned a high school diploma or GED

Breaking the Cycle: Less than 50% of foster kids nationally graduate high school


Juvenile Justice System

Goal: Avoid involvement in the juvenile justice system

Program Success Rate: 93% of adolescents have avoided becoming involved in the juvenile justice system

Breaking the Cycle: 87% of our youth have a parent who was incarcerated


Early Parenting

Goal: Avoid early parenting

Program Success Rate: 98% of adolescents have avoided early parenting

Breaking the Cycle: 85% of program participants were born to a teen parent

The Eckerd Kids | Friends of the Children program is the first to exclusively serve children in the foster care system.


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