Eckerd Kids | Friends of the Children: Long Term Mentorship Program

FOTC logoEckerd Kids and Friends of the Children are working in partnership to provide our most vulnerable children in foster care with a full-time and long-term paid professional mentor, or Friend. The Friends of the Children model is a revolutionary mentoring program that is transforming lives.

Children in the program are selected in Kindergarten or first grade and continue working with their Friend through their high school graduation.

This program has proven success in many different areas, including:


High School Diploma or GED

Goal: Success in school with a minimum of a high school diploma (preferred) or GED

Program Success Rate: 83% of our 168 program graduates have earned a high school diploma or GED

Breaking the Cycle: More than 60% of our youth have a parent that did not complete high school


Juvenile Justice System

Goal: Avoid involvement in the juvenile justice system

Program Success Rate: 93% of adolescents have avoided becoming involved in the juvenile justice system

Breaking the Cycle: At least 50% of program participants have one or more parents who have been incarcerated


Early Parenting

Goal: Avoid early parenting

Program Success Rate: 98% of adolescents have avoided early parenting

Breaking the Cycle: 85% of program participants were born to a teen parent

KidVestmentThe Eckerd Kids | Friends of the Children program is the first to exclusively serve children in the foster care system.


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