Our Approach

At E-Nini-Hassee, we combine individualized therapy with academics and high interest outdoor adventure activities. This holistic approach is a powerful therapeutic combination that brings about long-lasting changes in attitudes and behaviors in troubled girls. We strongly believe our approach is a better alternative to boot camps or military schools because these programs do little more than bring about temporary behavior changes.

Our positive, non-punitive, therapeutic approach is very distinctive in our field. We treat students with unconditional, positive regard at all times.

Is E-Nini-Hassee the right choice for your daughter? Here are our advantages:

  • Most Established and Trusted in the Southeastern United States
  • Powerful Therapeutic Combination of Individualized Academics, Therapy & Outdoor Adventures
  • Fully Licensed & Accredited by AdvancED/Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and the Council on Accreditation
  • Evidence-based Approach for Long-lasting Behavior Change
  • Staff Longevity
  • High Parent Satisfaction

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Eight Essentials for Positive Change

Eckerd’s E-Nini-Hassee uses eight essential elements that are the key therapeutic components employed throughout a typical day.

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