Therapy & Counseling

The E-Nini-Hassee approach is strengths-based and child focused. We emphasize increasing self-awareness and helping each girl develop effective problem solving, coping, communication and social skills to become a successful young woman.

Upon admission, each girl and her parents provide information on the problems, needs, strengths and goals they want to address. This input is coupled with formalized academic, social skills and mental health assessments that we administer to help us design an individualized master treatment plan for each girl.

Developing Accurate Self-Awareness

Helping girls develop accurate self-awareness is the foundation for long-lasting changes required for healthy relationships, academic accomplishments, effective decision-making and successful careers. To increase self-awareness, our students engage in a variety of therapeutic activities and reflective practices to discover what they do well and to evaluate their guiding principles, values and beliefs.

Group, Individual and Family Counseling

Our program stresses the importance of a positive peer culture and group process in treatment. Your daughter will spend the majority of her time participating in therapeutic group and academic activities and outdoor adventures. She will live, work, attend school and participate in group activities with nine other girls and direct care counselor/teachers. Our 45+ years of experience demonstrates that the group process treatment model is highly effective in helping each girl realize she has more than a responsibility to herself; she has a responsibility to others as well.

It is crucial for families to understand that the changes their daughter makes while in our care will only be successful if they are supported and sustained by the entire family during treatment and after graduation. Our staff members will ensure each family is:

  • Made a partner in their child’s treatment
  • Supported during the residential treatment of their child
  • Informed about their child’s progress
  • Given access to family-system interventions when necessary

Transition Planning and Follow Up

At intake we will begin building a transition plan that incorporates goals for the family, connections with the school, community agencies and more to provide the best possible opportunity for continued success as your child transitions back home. We will continue to follow up with you and your daughter for up to a year after graduation.