Many of the children in the foster care system in Pinellas and Pasco counties are available for adoption and waiting for forever families. When you adopt, you are providing a second chance for a child to be part of a family. Eckerd Community Alternatives believes there is a family out there for every child living in foster care – a family that can provide a loving home where children can adjust, grow and thrive in a safe, stable environment.

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If you would like to learn more about becoming an adoptive parent, we encourage you to read our frequently asked questions below or contact any of our offices directly.

  1. Get Started by calling 866-233-0790 to sign-up for a free orientation where you can learn more about available children and the adoption process.
  2. Get Trained with Florida’s free standardized training course called MAPP (Model Approaches to Partnerships in Parenting). You’ll learn about children in foster care, start to understand how to cope with trauma that has impacted their lives, and much more.
  3. Get Home Studied to ensure that you, your family and your home are prepared and safe for adoption. The home study includes background checks for all household members –all at no cost to you. If everything is favorable, your home study will be approved and you’ll be ready to explore the next step in the process.
  4. Get Matched with a child, teen or sibling group. During this part of the process, you’ll learn about available children that may be a good match for your family and, based on how your strengths meet their needs, you’ll potentially be matched. If matched, the child will live in your home for a minimum of 90 days as you both adjust and get to know each other.
  5. Get Official by finalizing the adoption in a court of law, at which time the child becomes a permanent and legal member your family, affording you all the rights and responsibilities that come with parenting a biological child.


We can help! Please visit our Adoption FAQs for additional information.