Foster Care

Eckerd provides regulatory and support services to foster families including:

  • Foster parent recruitment
  • Training
  • Licensing and re-licensing
  • Retention of traditional foster homes

Foster homes serve children from birth to 17 who have been removed from their parent or legal guardian due to maltreatment and require temporary licensed foster care. Foster families provide children with:

  • Safe and stable home environments
  • Health and clinical services
  • Emotional support

With the foster families’ support, foster children:

  • Attend school
  • Participate in cultural or recreational activities
  • Visit their family of origin (as permitted by the courts)

Eckerd also serves as a child placement agency, providing system navigation, coordination and placement services for children in out-of-home placement to include but not limited to:

  • Traditional foster homes
  • Medical foster homes
  • Specialized therapeutic foster homes
  • Group homes
  • Other residential treatment facilities

For more information about becoming a foster parent click here.