Child Abuse Prevention

Eckerd believes that it’s best to strengthen and support families before child abuse or neglect occurs. Our services are designed to promote healthy child development and strengthen families, keep children safe, and prevent abuse and neglect. Strategies include education and support of the Five Protective Factors for Families:

  • Nurturing and Attachment – Building a close bond helps parents better understand, respond to, and communicate with children.
  • Knowledge of Parenting and Child Development –Parents need the information and tools to be successful, such as learning the stages of child development and having realistic expectations.
  • Parental Resilience – This is about being strong and flexible, so when everyday stress or an occasional crisis arises, parents are able to bounce back.
  • Social Connections – Parents need a network of emotionally supportive friends, family members and neighbors they can call upon for help.
  • Concrete Support in Times of Need – When community resources are needed, it’s important these services are accessible, affordable and readily available to parents.